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The Future of Sports Video Is Here.

Capture all the moments of sport and live stream

View every dimension of your game, from optimal video capture to analysis of individual players movement and decision-making for improved coaching and game outcome.

Capturing Life’s Moments with Live Stream and Recorded Games

Watch Your Games

  • Keep your family connected
  • Open doors for recruitment
  • Scout your opponents
  • View your team to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Never miss your player’s game!

Live Stream

VidSport is helping families stay connected, allowing coaches to watch and evaluate players and the game, empowering players to improve their own skills.

Recorded Games

Our Integrated cloud based analysis platforms of allows you to use the gathered footage in order to make customizable illustrations to further analyze and improve your game effectively. Every piece of footage can also be live streamed through our system. 

Individual Player Clips

Record, view and share games live, across several teams, an entire league or tournament, with no effort.

Get live access to games for analysis, scouting and feedback. All accessible in the cloud.